Associate organizations and companies
Baneasa Shopping City
Al Nimr Expo
Wine Art Academy
Asociatia EuroTeleorman
SCII Teleorman
Sectors represented
  • Auto moto & leisure
  • Transportation & logistics
  • Saving energy & renewable energy
  • Construction & industrial equipment
  • Stone & building materials
  • Real estate & Investment
  • Bio food & agriculture
  • Hospitality, Travel & Tourism
Romanian Hospitality Festival – FOR

Reinventing the complete Romanian experience

Taste, health, adventure and tradition by Romania are 4 FOR festivals designed to bring Romanian values up front in the national mind, promoting culinary, healthy, adventure and cultural tourism in the country to Romanians but foreigners from abroad regions.

Our commitment is to support the needs of local business, providing a platform for small or large Romanian producers alike to promote and sell their products during the entire event.

FOR expo festivals act like a showcase for Romanian goods inviting all Romanian but worldwide consumers to distinguish and highlight “Made in Romania” products and services.

Distinct Image active role is to discover authentic Romanian producers, put them in the right light and to attract major buyers, boosting the tourism and retail sector, contributing in this way to the local economy development.